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Professional Staffing Group is now ProPivotal! Same Ownership, New Name.
About Us About Us

About Us

There are a few instances in a career, business, or life when you can change everything. At ProPivotal, we understand how important these pivotal moments are. That’s why we partner with the businesses and individual clients we work with to explore every possibility and opportunity out there, even the unexpected. We leverage our team’s deep resources and staffing experience to navigate today’s challenges by being agile, responsive, and real. Honest, trustworthy, and accessible. Which in today’s market, is more vital than ever. When it comes to finding what you want in a new job. What you need in a new employee. Or what you desire for your next big step. We work for you.

Our Experience

ProPivotal is committed to excellence in customer service, offering staffing expertise built from an award-winning system of quality, loyalty, and relationship measurement. Based on a net promoter score methodology, our system focuses on what we did right and what we could do better next time. So, when you face that next pivotal moment, in your career or business, you can turn to us with confidence.